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Few usage questions

May 8, 2010 at 12:28 AM



1 - i would like to use ssb to exchange data between applications installed on different servers and known only through their URLs. what is the best way to achieve this and how to secure the communication?

2 - is there a sample to demo the use of a central routing server. ie: all applications send messages to a a central endpoint and it is the server that dispatches the messages to the destination and the response back to the sender.

3 - MSMQ works for windows based apps. what about other applications such as PHP web applications running on linux. how should this be accomplished ?

thank you


May 8, 2010 at 12:32 AM

MSMQ is not so good for cross platform messaging. Personally, I'd use RabbitMQ as it is cross platform, well tested and has a variety of language drivers. However, even RabbitMQ cannot cross internet boundaries without using a plugin, but this can be accomplished. I have heard many horror stories about trying to do this with MSMQ. RabbitMQ also implements the message broker pattern, which is what you are talking about in #2. SimpleServiceBus is a fork of NServiceBus which, by design, avoids the centralized broker pattern for various explicit reasons. However, the broker model is very widely adopted in enterprise computing, so if you want to that route you would be in good company. It is still possible to create adapters to use SSB in this scenario, but someone else would have to chime in on what the level of effort required there.